Welcome to my Den!

Hello Shiro here but my friends call me shiba,

I will post random Arts and crafts straight from my hive.

With the support from the best lusus in the world, and a wonderfull teacher

i have now made this small site for doodle and stuff. c:

a list of quirks of mine, In case you have not noticed im a teal blood.

h3r3 12 4 l12t of curr3nt th1ng2 1m work1ng on.2croll to th3 bottom 4nd f1nd th3 l1nk 1f you w4nt to 4dd som3th1ng to th3 l1st

  1. r4ndom 42ortm3nt of 2t1ck3r2
  2. h4nd p4w2
  3. non prototyp3 grub plu2h
  4. l4rg3 po2t3r of my lu2u2 4nd 1

4 l12t of th1ng2 don3

  1. Grub plu2h
  2. ch1ck3n h4t

for now ju2t 4 doodl3 1 mad3 of m3 4nd 4 fr13nd.

th12 prototyp3 grub for my puppy.

H4t w42 m4d3 4nd 2old 42 of 10/29/16, but h3r3 12 4n 1m4g3 of 1t.

feel free to add a request